Friday, June 29, 2012

Rooming in & 4 months old

This week went by so slowly, and I knew it would because we were getting ready for the big day. Today ended up going by very quickly, and I was a tiny bit late getting out the door.

I met with the Respiratory Therapists that work with the company that will be delivering Avery's oxygen tanks this afternoon, and was trained how to use the tanks and set everything up. We received a portable tank for the drive home, and a monitor that tells you her oxygen rate and her heart rate. So far it seems to be almost identical to the one she had the entire NICU stay, only compact so we can take it on the move. We also got our little backpacks, one that holds the portable oxygen tank, and another that holds her monitor.

 Today Avery turned 4 months old, and she also hit 7 pounds! I still can't believe my once 15 ounce baby is now this chubby little thing. She is measuring in at 17.5 inches now, and finally outgrew all of her preemie clothes. She has a sick belly that swells up quite a bit, so they started to get pretty snug a while ago. Everything worked out perfectly because she only had a few preemie jammies, and all of her clothes at home are newborn and up.

Right now we are snuggling together in our own private room in the hospital. They have you room-in with the babies who go home with equipment, so you can get familiar with everything. This is my very first time being with her for an entire night. Usually I would go back to my room in the hospital housing, sleep during her sleeping time, and only come up for her care times. Tonight I get to learn all of her ques, and cries, and get to know my daughter. I wish I was able to do this before now, but we will take what we can get!

Tonight she will be getting her car seat test, and sometime tomorrow morning she will get discharged! I am in complete awe that I am finally bringing my baby home, after 4 long months. She also has some very anxious brothers waiting at home for her. They can't wait to finally meet their baby sister. Pictures and videos and stories just aren't enough anymore...they want the real thing!

I am off to snuggle with my girl....goodnight!

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