Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Friday...again.

I spent the majority of yesterday thinking it was Friday, when it was actually Thursday. I kept thinking 'at least it is Friday' and looking forward to finally enjoying the weekend, after a long week. Then evening comes around, and that is when it hits me. It's Thursday. Yes, I would have to repeat Friday all over again! This mommy brain thing is a bit more serious than I thought!'s Friday. I checked. I am hoping for the find balance between the nice warm glow of sunshine, with a bit of a breeze and no need for sunblock. 7 sticky sun-blocked babies is not my idea of fun. Especially when it comes time to clean them all up.

I recently found out that a girl (or what I assume is a girl) had stolen all of my pictures of Avery from when she was born, and passed them off as her own baby. Or babies, as she was pretending they were her twins. I can't fathom what was possibly going through that person's mind, to actually want a sick baby so badly that they had to steal some one's and pretend that they are theirs. I would have done anything to have her be born at term, to not have her struggle or know what 122 days of pain felt like. How could someone want to have that. It makes me sad, not only because my daughter was used for attention, but because something must be seriously wrong with someone to do such a thing. I really hope they end up getting the help that they need.

So in the mean time, you get to see a lovely little watermark on my photos. Or what I am pretending to be a watermark, which is really just something I typed across the picture in a free editing program I found online.

 We are 2 days away from Avery's 5 month birthday. FIVE months, how is that possible? After 122 days in the NICU, and now 27 days at home...we are getting to celebrate 5 amazing months with our special girl. Life is simply amazing.

I am off to enjoy (another) Friday with my littles. Some are in the mood for baking, so I suspect we will be doing a lot of baking today. Can't say that I am disappointed...I sure do love some freshly baked treats!

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