Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One month later.

Half of my day went by before I finally glanced over at the date. Can I blame the mommy brain for that one? It read July 30th, 2012. The 30th may be an insignificant day to most, but to us it is the day we were able to finally bring our baby girl home from the NICU, after 4 long months. When you have a baby like Avery (and Memphis), you celebrate the little things, because sometimes the little things are all you have to get you by. The 30th will always hold a special place in my heart.

I guess this is where I would say "a whole month, already? That just flew by!" and in some way it did fly by, but some how it feels as if she has always been home with us. Always. This past month we have learned how to maneuver with oxygen tanks, tubes and wires. We've learned how to react to the different beeping to the alarm she is on. 3 beeps and a yellow light mean a connection issue, 5 beeps and a red light means a brady or desat.

Even the children have learned, and adjusted accordingly. I will be in the other room and hear the familiar sound of her monitor beeping. Within seconds I hear "It's okay mom, it's just yellow!" and a big brother scramble to check all of the plugs to make sure everything is still plugged in right. Then there are the days when she is having a hard time, and I will hear "It's red mom!" with an immediate read off of her SP02 and heart rate. We're adjusting quite well, and when the time comes, it will almost seem strange that day when we no longer need the tubes, wires, and monitors.

I no longer need to say "watch out for the oxygen tubes" as the kids play about on the floor, and even the little kids know not to mess with anything. Some how our 1 year old, Memphis, even stays clear of the tubes, but that doesn't stop him from occasionally picking one up and waving it around. Have I mentioned lately how much he loves cords? He is in cord heaven now, with everything that lays across our living room floor.

I am so proud of how well the kids have all adjusted, and how quickly they all learned about her needs. We make a great team.

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  1. I am happy your little one is growing! I love your picture at the top of your blog!