Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A random Wednesday DITL.

I was laying in my bed at 3am, attempting to fall back asleep, and ended up in the kitchen snacking on some brownies the boys and I had made the night before. It was so quiet that I turned the bathroom fan on in attempts to create some kind of white noise. It didn't work, and I ended up staying up. The good part about being up that early, is I can get quite a bit of things done. I switched the laundry, put away some dishes, and did some knitting.

I waited for each of the kids to wake up, so we could get ready for our day. One by one they were up, and ready to go. Each of them had some kind of breakfast of choice, and we headed out the door. We were running a little bit behind this morning, because someone had misplaced a shoe. Despite his efforts in trying to convince me that wearing 2 different shoes was acceptable, we finally found it in an obvious place.

We loaded up into the truck, and got everyone buckled in. Because we were running a bit behind schedule, the parent pick up line had gotten pretty backed up, which caused an even bigger delay. They made it in time for the first bell, and went straight to class. Once I dropped the older 3 boys off at school, the younger 4 and I headed into town. We got some gas in the truck, and then went on our way to our next destination.

Memphis had his therapy today, which went very well. As funny as it sounds, it is basically a very nice lady who comes to the house and plays with him until he gets tired of her. He enjoys this extra attention, though, and we look forward to it. Today he learned the sign 'more' and even he was impressed. He started to get sleepy so his guest left, and we all had a nice little snack of grapes.

Wednesday is early release day at the boys' school, so after a little play time, some food, and a few chores it was time to load back into the truck and pick them up. One by one each of them came out of the school, as they always do, and hop into the car ready to tell me all about their day. We get everyone buckled and settled in, and head home. Today we had to run by the drug store and drop off a few redbox movies first. Some where down the road somebody managed to convince me that we needed to stop for 1$ ice cream cones, so we did.

Everyone unloaded from the truck, and came inside, and the boys could not wait to show me the new things in their book bags. Everyone gathered around as they read us the new books they had brought home from school. The little kids especially love this time of day, and it is always so cute hearing them read. Once the stories were read, homework was done, it was time to put the book bags away.

We had a little bit of fun mail today, a beautiful rainbow dress that a dear friend of mine made for Avery, and a Citrus Lane box that ended up being free after referrals. It is always fun to get a new box of surprise goodies every month, and the kids get a kick out of trying new products.

Once baths are done, dinner is started and the sound of laughter and playing filled the house. It is easy to get distracted with all the different things going on, so I usually play some kind of music, while a smiley Memphis dances at my feet, and begs me for tastes of everything. Once dinner is finished, we get ready for bed, and the boys choose some cartoons to watch. Having a little cartoon time before bed usually calms everyone down, and we all get to relax. It is now 8pm, the lights are turned down, and all is quiet in the house.

Usually around this time I do a few random things that still need to be done before the day ends, and then get myself ready for bed. I enjoy a little quiet mommy time to catch up on shows, and knit...or depending on how busy our day is, pass out. Lets be honest here, I usually get a few rows of knitting in, and I am out.

After all it won't be long before someone wakes up and I am needed again.

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  1. Hey! I just noticed on your sidebar that you're expecting again, and it's another girl?! Congrats!

    Hope you're feeling well,