Monday, December 10, 2012

One week.

Avery has been in the hospital for an entire week. Monday morning she was admitted, due to some abnormal blood work and a very swollen abdomen. After having an NG tube put in to help release some of the air in her intestines, they discovered a blockage, and some barium that was still in her colon from over a week prior. Something was not working right, and we knew she was in pain.

Here we are a week later, with no answers. Her NG tube has been taken out, and her tummy is back to a normal size. She no longer has barium in her colon, after 2 weeks of flushing her out, and we are finally to the point where it is okay to do further testing.

Either today or tomorrow she will be getting an upper GI test done, to determine whether or not she will require surgery on her bowels. I know it is fairly common for preemies, especially miro preemies, to have bowel issues at one point or another, so we are just taking it one day at a time.

We miss her incredibly so, and her brothers are already planning some big welcome home celebration for her. We are hoping to have her home before Christmas.

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