Thursday, February 7, 2013

38 weeks & a long awaited homecoming.

On January 31st I 'roomed in' with Avery at the hospital. This is not anything new, but this time it actually meant something. It meant that my sweet girl was coming home very soon. She was in good spirits, and had a smile on her face nearly the entire time. I think she knew it was coming, and we were both over the moon.

In the morning I went across the street and took a specific class on her new g-tube, and everything that I would need to know to take care of it. It was all pretty straight forward, and nothing I hadn't really known before. Once that was done, the doctor put in the official discharge paperwork! It took hours, but after medical equipment was delivered to out room, a million forms were signed, and a whole lot of heartfelt goodbyes from the nurses who cared, and fell in love with her, for the past two months...we packed up her room and were on our way. Walking through the door felt so nice, and hearing her brothers shout "mom is home?!" from the other room and eagerly run in to greet their sister, was even better.

Today marks 38 weeks of pregnancy for me. I honestly never thought this day would come. I hoped and prayed we would get to celebrate such a milestone, but I never expected to. I have an OB appointment today, just the normal weekly check up. I believe this is my very last OB appointment, unless she decides to see me next week, just before delivery day. We are now in the single digit count down to meeting our grand finale. Just NINE more days to go!

This week has been a pretty typical week. Some grocery shopping, a few appointments, and getting stuff done around the house. I am looking forward to a calm weekend, and some last minute baby preparations before the big day.

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