Sunday, March 3, 2013

8 years. 1 year. 3 weeks.

There has been a lot of celebrating going on, these past few days.

On February 28th we celebrated our oldest son's 8th birthday. I know, every mother says it, but I can not believe it has been 8 years. I seriously can't. Brace yourself, I think I will be saying that a lot in this post. Our boy is not a fan of cake, so this year he asked for a giant cookie cake. He picked out some decorations, in angry bird theme, and we decorated the house together. We do not do big parties, but when you have a lot of siblings, it almost feels like a big party. Watching him blow out his number 8 candle was surreal. I flashed back to all those years of blowing out candles, and watching those chubby cheeks slowly form into a structured boy framed face. I sure am proud of him.

On February 29th of last year our sweet little Avery was born. Here we go, I am going to say it again...I just can't believe it has been a whole year! Since this year does not have a February 29th, and the 28th was already spoken for, we opted to celebrate her birthday on March 1st. Since Avery can not have cake, we did not do a traditional smash cake, but we did buy a family cake. Seeing the sweet little sparkling number one on top of the cake made me smile. She had no idea what was going on, but the rest of us did. We sang happy birthday to her, while she just grinned at her dad the entire time. I snapped a few photos of her sitting next to her cake, soaking it all in. The boys all enjoyed having some cake after.

Earlier in the day, while the older 3 boys were in school, the younger 5 kids and I headed out to Target for a little birthday shopping. I picked out a few new outfits for Avery in the next size up (9 months) and picked out her very first pair of fitting shoes. Girlfriend has some tiny feet, and is now, finally, fitting into newborn shoes.

The 1st also marked 3 weeks since out little Olive came into this world. Are you ready for it? I can't believe it has been three weeks already! Though, it does feel as if she has always been apart of this family. Her newborn cloth diapers are starting to fit better, and she is starting to fill out. She is a little string bean, and I anticipate her being in newborn clothes for a while still. Today I put a headband on her head, for the second time in her life. I forget just how cute a simple little bow on her head looks! The boys chose a pretty red one, even though her outfit today didn't have a single speck of red in it. Of course, I let it slide, and watched as they proudly handed over the sweet little red headband for her to wear.

Recovery has gone well, and I am grateful to be able to do my daily tasks with out any pain. I can lift, and bend, and most of the time I forget that I had just had major abdominal surgery until I hop out of the van and then I remember. Ouch.

With the first few birthday's of the year out of the way, we have two more little ones that are anxiously counting down to the next few. Just 16 and 17 more days until the next set of birthdays!


  1. I love your new group picture! All those individual personalities!

  2. I have been following your family since Avery was born. You have beautiful kids and you are so blessed :) God certainly picked the right mom for these babies.