Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dear Olive

This morning I quietly tip toed into your room. It was still dark, but the hall light shined in just enough for me to see the shape of your face, and your little body. There you were, curled up, and sleeping on your stomach, your favorite way to sleep. Your thumb still in position, but barely touching your lips. Every once in a while the corner of your mouth would curl up in a smirk, and I wondered what you were dreaming about. You looked so peaceful, and I didn't want to wake you.

Today is your birthday, my love. Today you are an entire year old. Last night I put an infant to sleep, and this morning in her place I found a one year old. Some how, in those 12 hours of sleep, you
seemed to have grown up over night.

My favorite part of our morning is when I pick you up out of bed, and your body sinks in against mine, and your head rests comfortably on my shoulder, as if it was made just for that. Your arm instantly goes around my neck, and I want to freeze that moment forever.

We barely made it out of your room before your brothers break out in song, singing 'Happy Birthday' to you. You smile and wave at them, and give me a look of absolute joy. You are so loved, my baby girl. None of us could imagine what life would be like with out you in it. We are so blessed.

It is hard to believe that an entire year has passed since your birth. We had an amazing year together, and I can not wait to see what year 2 has in store for you.

Thank you for being my daughter.

Happy First Birthday!


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  1. hope she had a lovely birthday x she is so cute x